How To Choose The Best Headlamps For Trail Running

Immerse yourself in the captivating world of night running, where trails are illuminated by a mysterious aura and each step unveils a new discovery. In this guide you'll find all the information you need to choose the right headlamp to light up your night-time adventures. We've brought together expert advice to help you get the right combination of power, durability, and comfort, to push your limits on the darkest of trails.

Bright As Day 800


Bright As Day 800 is designed to withstand extreme weather and conditions. With an IP67 rating, it's both water and dust proof.


Bright As Day 800 features a market-leading 21700 battery with 1-cell 4,600mAh (3.7v), offering impressive power and longevity. It is backed by a 2-year warranty.

Blade design

The aluminum blades allow the electronics to operate continuously without overheating. This passive cooling system maintains constant lumens, guaranteeing a reliable light source.

Running at night provides a distinctive and immersive experience that is peaceful, solitary, and visually captivating. Each night run becomes a unique and memorable adventure rich in sensations and emotions.
real lumens
How bright?

When choosing a headlamp for night-time trail running it's essential to consider the brightness. By opting for a powerful headlamp with a high and constant number of lumens, you will considerably improve your visibility as you light the terrain ahead.

The Bright As Day 800 is specifically designed to meet these requirements, delivering a remarkable 800 real and constant lumens.

Thanks to Moonlight's Constant Lighting technology the Bright As Day 800 guarantees exceptional visibility even in the darkest conditions, offering the confidence and assurance you need to run with ease while avoiding potential falls and obstacles.

4 brightness levels

To optimize battery life, Moonlight headlamps offer 4 brightness levels ranging from 5% to 100% lumens, allowing you to adjust the light to your needs. You can have complete confidence during all your races, knowing that your headlamp's battery will not be an issue.

Bright As Day 800 for Trail running:

4 levels Run time Brightness Application
#1 40 h 40 real and constant lumens Perfect for walking, being seen or reading a map.
#2 8 h 200 real and constant lumens Ideal for normal trail running and optimum use of the battery.
#3 4 h 400 real and constant lumens Recommended for technical terrain, to avoid pitfalls such as roots and rocks.
#4 2 h 800 real and constant lumens Ideal for challenging terrains and providing visibility in difficult weather conditions, particularly when descending very dark and technical trails.

Kilian Jornet's advice for a safe and successful night run

1. To ensure a convenient setup, place your headlamp battery in your running vest and use the included 1-metre extension cable. This is great for two reasons, firstly it keeps the battery warmer meaning it lasts longer, and secondly it’s less weight on the head. After many hours of running, the comfort of carrying weight on your back instead of on your head is a big relief for the neck and shoulder muscles.

2. Dress warmer than usual, as the nights can be cooler, especially having the neck, head and hands protected even if it’s not very cold, over a long distance you’ll save considerable energy. And remember to take an extra jacket! Choose trail running shoes with solid soles and good grip to improve stability and avoid the risk of slipping, especially at night when sometimes we can’t see the surface beneath our feet.

3. Take safety precautions. Carry a fully charged headlamp and consider having an extra battery. Wear reflective clothing and accessories. Carry a GPS or smartphone with a tracking app.

4. Plan your nutrition wisely to optimize performance and comfort during your night run. Take solid food and plenty of water to stay hydrated. When it’s cold, we might be less thirsty, but it is important to keep drinking as usual to avoid dehydration when the sun comes up. Try out different snacks during training to find what suits you best.

5. Adjust the brightness of your head torch to suit your preferences, the weather conditions, and the terrain. For example, during a 10-hour night race like the UTMB, I use the Bright As Day 800 set at 25% for the most part of the night, changing to 50% of lumens (200 and 400 lumens) when necessary on downhills or technical terrain, without any battery change.

50% more capacity*
Battery performance

*compare to 17 headlamps commonly used by trail runners with an average of 992 lumens.

Battery life is a key factor to consider when choosing a headlamp for trail running. It is important to choose a headlamp with a reliable battery so that it lasts throughout your run and maintains a constant level of brightness.

Bright As Day 800 headlamps use 21700-type batteries, the latest generation of lithium cell batteries found in the most recent Electrical Vehicles. These batteries have a capacity of 4,600 mAh (3.7V), which represents a 50% increase in capacity compared with Moonlight's main competitors.

did you know?

The Bright As Day 800 won prestigious races such as the Hardrock 100, the Western States 100 mile and the UTMB in 2022. The Bright As Day 800 is designed for trail running enthusiasts like Kilian Jornet, who are looking for unforgettable night-time experiences.

15° and 30°
Flood and spot

With both a flood beam and a spot beam, you have the perfect combination of lighting for optimum visibility on trails.

The Flood beam (also called Wide), useful for close-up vision is perfect for running on technical terrains. While the Spot beam (also called Narrow) offers long-distance vision, ideal for faster trail running where you need to look ahead and anticipate the path.

Bright As Day 800 Step 4
Durable and reliable

The Bright As Day 800 headlamp is your reliable companion in extreme weather and challenging conditions. You can rely on the headlamp to withstand heavy snowfall, rain or freezing temperatures. Its IP67 certification ensures a complete dust and waterproof protection. Moonlight headlamp excels in terms of durability and performance, making it the ideal choice for trail running, so you can rely on it to provide uncompromising illumination on your next run.

Mandatory gear

When registering for a trail running race, it is essential to read the race regulations, and in particular the compulsory equipment. If the race includes a night section, you must have a headlamp with a spare battery. In races like the UTMB, it is compulsory to carry two headlamps, each with an additional battery.

While elite runners can complete UTMB in around 20 hours, most participants will spend two nights in the mountains.

To make sure you are compliant with the race regulations, you should choose the Bright As Day 800 Ultra pack (included one extra battery pack).

Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Bright As Day 800 Headlamp
Light and powerful

Bright As Day 800 Headlamp

800 real lumen
2-40 hours
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More product details

An iteration of our lightest and most popular headlamp, the Bright As Day 800 offers real 800 lumens thanks to our Constant Lighting technology. The battery shell has been entirely redesigned to integrate our new Screw Lock, and the run time has been increased by 25% to reach 2 hours at full power! The lamp that won Hardrock 100, Western States 100 mile and UTMB in 2022.

Recommended for all outdoor activities at easy or moderate pace. Ideal for running, hiking and mountaineering.

All our headlamps come with an extension cable included for convenient battery carry.

Tech Specs 

True lumens 800
Light spread 15-30º
Lamp head type 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Lamp head weight
Battery type
1 x 21700 - 4600 mAh / 3.7V (17 WH)
Battery weight 100g
Battery Est. Life 500 cycles
Headband type Compact
Total weight 248g
Runtime 4 brightness settings:
#1: 40h (5%, 40lm)
#2: 8h (25%, 200lm)
#3: 4h (50%, 400lm)
#4: 2h (100%, 800lm)
Mount GoPro QuickClip compatible
Waterproof rating IP67