How to Choose the Best Headlamp for Cross Country Skiing

Cross country skiing is a great way to get outdoors and enjoy the beauty of nature as well as getting a good exercise in. But in order to make the most of your experience, you need the right equipment — and that includes a good headlamp. Here’s what you need to know when choosing a headlamp for your next cross country skiing adventure.

Cross country skier wearing moonlight headlamp

The most important factor to consider when buying a headlamp is the brightness. Make sure you find one that has at least 800 lumens of power, so you can see where you’re going even in the darkest conditions. The most popular headlamp for cross country skiing is the Bright As Day 2000! Norwegians take skiing seriously and during the darkest month of the year there are no excuses to not get out!

Did you know?
Most of Moonlight customers are using the Bright As Day 2000 for cross country skiing.

Using Moonlight headlamp on skiis
Person packing a Moonlight Headlamp
Battery life

Another important consideration is battery life. Look for a headlamp with extended battery life, so you can stay out for longer without needing to recharge. Bright As Day 2000 offers 4 different brightness levels and battery run times.

Birgt As Day 2000 for Cross Country skiing:

4 dimm levels Run time Brightness Application
#1 20 h 100 true lumens Reserved for safety and small adjustments
#2 6 h 500 true lumens Waxing the skis or adjusting the bindings
#3 3 h 1000 true lumens Normal recommended use
#4 1 h 30 m 2000 true lumens High speed or steep decent, when you need to see far!

Finally, make sure you find a headlamp that is comfortable to wear. Look for models with adjustable straps and breathable fabrics that won’t cause discomfort during prolonged exercise. The headlamp Bright As Day 2000 has a 200 gram battery that can be worn on the head or inside your jacket or small pack. We recommend wearing the headlamp above a beanie or a sweatband to maximize the comfort and keep your head warm. 

Cross country skier being comfortable wearing Moonlight Headlamp
Man in heavy snow fall using Moonlight Headlamp
Durability and reliability

Moonlight products are built to last and have been tested in the most challenging environment. Therefore you should count on the reliability of the headlamp to withstand heavy snow fall, rain or freezing temperature. All our headlamps are IP67 certified that means the headlamp is totally dust and waterproof. When you’re looking for the best headlamp for cross country skiing, make sure you keep these considerations in mind. With the right headlamp, you can make the most of your next cross country skiing adventure. 

Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp
Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp

Bright As Day 2000 Headlamp

2000 real lumen
1,5 to 20 hours
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More product details

At 2000 lumens, the Bright As Day 2000 is the most powerful of
the Moonlight compact headlamps. With two 15-degree lenses,
the light spread gives you better distance vision to anticipate
obstacles. Thanks to its versatility, if choosing one lamp for all of
your activities, this should be the one!

Recommended for all outdoor activities at moderate to fast pace.
Ideal for cross-country and backcountry skiing as well as cycling.

All our headlamps come with an extension cable included for convenient battery carry.


Tech Specs

True Lumens 2000
Light Spread 2 x 15°
Lamp Weight
Lamp head  6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Battery weight 186g
Battery type
2 x 21700 - 9600 mAh / 3.7 V (36 WH)
Headband type
Total lamp weight 347g
Runtime 4 dimm levels:
#1: 20h (5%, 100lm)
#2: 6h (25%, 500lm)
#3: 3h (50%, 1,000lm)
#4: 1h30 (100%, 2,000lm)
Mount GoPro QuickClip compatible
Waterproof rating IP67