Best practices for your headlamp

We have compiled some of our best tips and practices for using, storing and maintaining your headlamp. We have years of experience with using headlamps in the field, and want to share our expertise so that you can get the most out of your headlamp!

In use
  • Battery life in the cold:
    Use the included extension cable to store the battery close to your body in cold conditions!
    Low temperatures can impact the battery life. Make sure to store the battery close to your body to retain battery performance in low temperatures

  • Lighting modes: Double click on the power button to enter flash mode. Double click again to enter SOS mode in case of emergency!

  • Cable routing: The headband has a sleeve on the side to route the cable to the battery! 

Battery life

  • Battery indicator: When connecting the battery, you will get an indication of remaining capacity:

    Constant blue light: >80% battery capacity
    Flashing blue light: 50 - 80% capacity
    Constant red light: 25 - 50% capacity
    Flashing red light: <25% capacity

  • Backup mode: If battery drops below 10%, the lamp will blink and automatically enter backup mode to save battery so you can safely make it home. Only brightness level 1 and 2 will be available for 45 minutes.


Carefree rinse

All Moonlight headlamps are waterproof. Rinse off dirt and grit after use without a worry!

Storage and maintenance

  • Storage: Always disconnect the battery when the headlamp is not in use! Leaving the headlamp connected will drain and wear on the battery. The lamp can also accidentally power on in your backpack if left connected.

  • Rinsing: All our headlamps are IP67 waterproof - you should not be worried about rinsing it in the sink if you have gotten it dirty and gritty on your adventures!

  • Cables: Use caution when handling the cables. Repeated twisting and bending of the cables can over time wear and weaken the wires.

  • Long term storage: For long time storage, keep the battery level at 50 - 80 % for best performance and longevity.

Important know-how


Lithium batteries are great, but there's a few things you should know!


  • Charge with caution! Never charge the battery unattended or overnight! This is a safety precaution for all lithium batteries.

  • Charging time: Do not leave the charger connected to the battery longer than necessary. Disconnect the charger when the battery is done charging. This is indicated by the LED on either the battery or the charger.

  • Day-to-day use: For occasional short time use, ideally charge the battery to 80 % only. Although we understand that for longer outings you want the security of a fully charged battery, a lithium-ion battery performs best over time if you avoid repeatedly fully charging it. For shorter outings and daily domestic use in the dark season, charging it to 80 % should be sufficient, and will keep your battery healthy and happy for longer! 

Accessories, compatibility and repairability

  • Mounting: All Moonlight headlamps can be used with GoPro mounts for all your needs; on the helmet, on the handlebars, on your desk or even on the pipes in your basement!

  • Multi-purpose pouches! The headlamps come in waterproof neoprene pouches that can have a range of uses other than for your headlamp - use them for camera equipment, first aid kit or to pack dry clothing!

  • Spare parts: Should you be unfortunate enough to break any parts of your headlamps, we have a range of spare parts to help you out! All you have to do is contact us!
  • Reminder! Again, always remember to disconnect the battery when the lamp is not in use!

  • Checked luggage: Generally, lithium batteries are not allowed in checked luggage on planes. By transporting lithium batteries in checked luggage, you risk them being confiscated.

  • Hand luggage: In most cases, batteries with less than 100 WH pr. item are allowed in hand luggage without special approval. All our batteries are less than 100 WH.

  • Double check! If in doubt, check with your airline before travelling!