Light Lines
"Light lines is an art project by Vegard Aasen using Moonlight headlamps. The objective is to showcase humans' interaction with wild nature in a new and unique way" The project will put on the stage iconic Norwegian mountains through fine-art landscape photographs....
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Nikolai Schirmer, now with Moonlight!
Welcome, Nikolai!  Nikolai Schirmer is a figure of the European Freeride scene, as well as a talented filmmaker and storyteller. What do we like about Niko? Well, he is not afraid of skiing the coolest lines at night, and he is also...
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Interview with Sebastian Krogvig - UTMB.
Hello Sebastian, 170 km and 10 000 m of elevation gain, how do feel about the huge challenge coming ahead?  Following the success of last year's TDS race in Chamonix, I remember watching the start of the UTMB race 2...
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