Ski Care 101: 5 Tips for maintaining your skis during the Summer months

If you're a skier, you know that taking care of your equipment is crucial to getting the most out of your investment. When it comes to skis, proper maintenance during the off-season is essential to keeping them in top shape and ready for the next winter season.

Here are five tips for taking care of your skis during the low season:

TIP 1 - Store your skis properly to avoid warping or cracking over time. Make sure to keep them in a cool, dry place and cover them with a cloth or ski bag to protect them from dust and moisture. This will also help prevent rust from forming on the edges.

SUGGESTION: consider using the Moonlight Unpadded Ski Bag as a great storage option that's environmentally friendly and helps protect your skis. This bag is both durable and sustainable, and it provides ample protection for your skis during storage.

TIP 2 - Wax your skis to keep the base in good condition. Apply a layer of wax and leave it on until the next winter season to prevent the base from drying out and cracking. Be sure to scrape off the wax before hitting the slopes again. You can also consider using a storage wax specifically designed for the off-season.

TIP 3 - Check your bindings regularly to make sure they're still in good working condition. If you notice any damage or wear and tear, take your skis to a professional ski shop for repairs. This will ensure that your bindings are safe and secure when you hit the slopes again.

TIP 4 - Stand your skis up vertically when storing them, rather than laying them flat. This will help prevent warping or damage to the base. You can use ski racks or DIY solutions like PVC pipes to stand your skis up.

TIP 5 - Consider a summer tune-up to ensure that your skis are in top shape and ready for the next ski season. Many ski shops offer this service, which includes a full inspection, cleaning, and waxing of your skis. 

By following these tips, you can ensure that your skis are well taken care of during the off-season and ready for the next winter season. And if you want to take your ski maintenance to the next level, consider investing in a ski tuning kit so that you can do some of the maintenance yourself.