Release of the 'Kvænangstindan Camo' Limited Edition

We got a lot of questions about Store Kvænangstind, the mountain featured on our 'Northern Lights' Limited Edition. Of course we did. This mountain is part of the Kvænangstidan ridge line, one that fascinates most skiers in Northern Norway and beyond.

The aesthetic first. Sharp, clean, cutting the sky on its own. Then the steepness. An intricate network of couloirs lacerates the NE face and gets you hooked on your goggles for hours. Because yes, it is remote. The easiest way to get to the bottom of the face is by boat. It just adds to the legend.

Moonlight ambassadors Jordi Tosas, Jorma Kivelä and Joonas Mattila skied a few lines in 2019 while shooting a short movie for our Mission Skis. We couldn't miss that one.

Today we are excited to present to you this 'Kvænangstidan Camo' Limited Edition graphic, only available on the Mission 5050CFG skis. The subtle camouflage reinforces the mystic of this iconic landmark. 

Each size is available in 24 pairs and per the rule when it's gone, it's gone. Check it now!