Nikolai Schirmer, now with Moonlight!

Welcome, Nikolai! 

Nikolai Schirmer is a figure of the European Freeride scene, as well as a talented filmmaker and storyteller. What do we like about Niko? Well, he is not afraid of skiing the coolest lines at night, and he is also from Norway - just like us! Nikolai is an extraordinarily nice guy and we are happy to make the collaboration together official after years of him using our products. 

Nikolai Schrimer Moonlight
 “These lamps from the Norwegian company changed the game when they came out, making it possible to ride safely 24/7, and they’re still the most reliable I’ve used. The new Bright As Day 4000 is more than enough light to ride big couloirs or tree skiing, in a tiny package, and with all the battery life.»
- Nikolai Schirmer

Behind and in front of the camera

Norwegian freeskier and filmmaker extraordinaire Nikolai is from Tromsø in Northern Norway. He has been using Moonlight lamps for a long time, just as much for skiing in exposed terrains as for behind the scenes during his creative work as a filmmaker. If you are not following him yet, go discover his inspirational work on youtube and social media!

  "Death over Rappeling" - THE NIGHT CHUTE by Nikolai and Vegar.

A day time adventure in the Arctic, which is of course a night time adventure, because the sun doesn't rise in the Arctic in December.

Nikolai + Moonlight 

Our mission is to help people to get outside and explore further -  who other than Nikolai is better suited to inspire skiers to explore the beautiful Norwegian winter darkness? Nikolai will also be helping us with the product development and testing of our bigger lamps for Freeride use, as well as future products that are lighter and more compact for life at the camp and for the approach. 

Nikolai's favorite
Bright As Day 4000
Brings the midnight sun above your line

Our 8 LED setup is measured at 4,000 lumens. While in motion, our novel blade design will cool down the lamphead. This allows the LED to keep delivering its full power, making it the ideal companion to make your next ride or ski trip as bright as day.

Recommended for all outdoor activities at fast pace where precision matters. Ideal for ski touring and mountain biking as well as motorized activities.

Tech Specs

True Lumens 4,000
Light Spread 8 x 15°
Lamp head weight
Lamp head 6061-T6 Aluminium Alloy
Battery weight 345g
Battery type
4 cells type 21700 4,800mAh (14.8V)
Headband type Orienteering
Total lamp weight 522g
Runtime 4 dimm levels:
#1: 30h (5%, 200lm)
#2: 6h (25%, 1,000lm)
#3: 3h (50%, 2,000lm)
#4: 1h30 (100%, 4,000lm)
Mount GoPro QuickClip compatible
Waterproof rating IP67