Kilian Jornet + Moonlight

“When it comes to the equipment in which I put my trust and safety,

I ask for one thing: that it will never let me down”

Today, we are so excited to welcome Kilian Jornet as a Moonlight Pro Athlete member. 

Needing no introduction, Kilian continues to inspire generations of outdoor enthusiasts with his unique athletic approach to the mountains. Kilian has won and set course records all over the world in both running and skiing competitions, and he has also climbed the most prestigious mountains in the Alps, the Himalayas, and here at home in Romsdalen. Today, Kilian continues to push the boundaries in all directions, using his voice and platforms to make a change toward more responsibly led industries through the Kilian Jornet Foundation (KJF).

Kilian running the local Bispen south ridge. Picture by Lars Schneider.

Sharing the same playground

Kilian is a few minutes from our headquarters office in Åndalsnes, and our common interest for the great outdoors and wild mountains of Romsdalen simply brought us together. In this environment, a headlamp is not just a simple accessory — it is an essential piece of safety equipment. Kilian has been testing our products and using them for about a year now, and we are excited to share his favorites with you.

The Bright As Day 800 for the win (and course records)

This past February, the season for Kilian started with the 100-mile (~160km) Tjörnarparen Trail race in Sweden “to do a long run far away from the running season and start preparing the legs for the long races”, as he says. He ran with the Bright As Day 800 for the first time on such a long effort. At this time of the year it is also dark most of the 24-hour day, so Kilian was looking for a lamp that could produce a bright light through the darkest 14 hours of the night with only one battery change. Mission accomplished, Kilian finished the race in 15 hours and 35 minutes, setting a new record.

See the product page. Bright As day 800.

Kilian at the Hardrock100. He ran the fastest time in race history – 21:36:24. Picture by Nick Danielson.

Back in Norway, Kilian passed by the office to let us know that he was now sure he’d use the lamp at Hardrock100, and maybe even UTMB if the first race went well with the lamp. If you’ve followed along with the races this year, you know what happened next: two victories with new course records at both the Hardrock100 and UTMB, with the Bright As Day 800 on his head! What incredible performances.

The Mission skis, his ultralight choice for Sunday powder

With Kilian it is always fast and light, but with modern skis, 65mm underfoot shapes are not the only way to move fast in the mountains. With 92mm underfoot and weighing just under 1kg, the Mission skis quickly became Kilian’s choice to have fun in Romsdalen’s playground to celebrate the fresh powder. These skis are also ideal for skiing with the family during a Sunday outing or for watching the sunset before skiing down. At night, Kilian uses the Bright As Day 2000 for shorter trips, and the 4000 for longer outings or in tougher weather conditions. 

See product page: Mission skis

Kilian + Moonlight

Our mission is to help people to get outside and explore further. With Kilian’s voice and his distinct approach to gear, we know that this collaboration will be a success. Alone we go faster, but together we go further. Kilian will also be helping us with the product development and testing of our next generation of products. Performance and safety, together with environmental responsibility, are the core elements of every product we are developing. Together, we are continuing to pursue creating products that last while brightening your next adventures - from the fjord to the highest summit. 

Kilian Jornet training in Romsdalen. Picture by Lars Schneider.