Becoming Climate Neutral

We build the lightest touring skis in the world and some of the most powerful headlamps ever. Carbon skis and electronics, not the ideal combo to tell a sustainability story!

At Moonlight we empower people to explore the mountains in a wilder, more virtuous way.

We always focused on building premium, durable gear that last. But this is not enough. Today, we're partnering with the Non Profit 'Climate Neutral' to measure, reduce and offset our carbon footprint.

This is part of a Corporate Social Responsibility Roadmap that is being implemented within our team, but also with our partners. Our reduction goals for 2020 are related to energy and water consumption, waste handling and emissions, and repairs of old gear.

We will report our progress annually via our website, so that we can share our achievements and struggles with our community.

Because we all need real action.