Plum R170 Bindings
Plum R170 Bindings
Plum R170 Bindings

Plum R170 Bindings

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Originally built for competition, the R170 went beyond it’s initial purpose and is now sought after by all seasoned skiers looking for an ultra-light binding without being superfluous. Whether a competitor, steep skier, or someone on a quest for lightening your ski tours, the R170 will suit all your terrain.

The additional advantage of the R170 lies in the heel piece that is mounted on a 25mm plate giving the possibility to adjust to your different boots (up to about 3 sizes). It also has the ability to pivot allowing you to be flat(rotation of 90 degrees) or to have a rise of 41mm.

The R170 This binding  is perfect for your races, ski tours and deep snow.  Easy-to-use and ultra performant the locking lever was specifically studied for good control. With 170grams per foot and lateral and frontal release of 8 you will ski light and safe.

Comes with a crampon holder that works with Plum crampons.

Nylon Head-strap
1 Meter Extension Power Cable
Wall Charger Cord
Zippered pouch

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