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Guide Skis

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Our first shape ever, which set the ground for superlight touring. An LL rocker and unique core construction that bring enhanced stability to ride big mountains.

SE Face

The Guide 106 in action


Model Guide 100 Guide 103 Guide 106 Guide 109
Length (cm) 159 169 179 189
Sidecut (mm) 127-100-115 129-103-118 132-106-121 134-109-124
Radius (m) 26 26 26 26
Weight in Superlight Carbon (g) 995 1,076 1,170 1,263
Weight in 5050 CFG (g) 1,246 1,305 1,450 1,550
Boot from Tail (mm) 695 740 785 830
Camber (mm) 4 5 5 5
Rocker Length Tip (mm) 500 540 570 600
Rocker Length Tail (mm) 250 270 280 300
Base All-round structure (dry) All-round structure (dry) All-round structure (dry) All-round structure (dry)

Who is it for?

The Shredder

Fjaercore, the secret sauce

You know you're onto something when your competitors buy your skis to cut them apart and study your construction... Our proprietary Fjaercore is one of a kind!

Extended Bamboo sidewalls

Beyond the sick and sharp look, our bamboo sidewalls offer a unique flex as well as a more responsive edge to edge feel. It also helps prevent moisture from reaching the core.

Handcrafted in Scandinavia

All Moonlight skis are manufactured in Scandinavia by passionate craftsmen with 30+ years of expertise, using 100% renewable energy via local hydropower!


If you are looking for a ski that can handle all kind of conditions, from deep powder to steep North faces, you'll be impressed! I tested the Guide 109 in Superlight Carbon in the Himalayas and it was stellar!

Jordi Tosas, UIAGM Mountain Guide

I became a fan of the Guide 100 as the short —159cm— length allows for a great manoeuvrability when skinning up. Extremely playful on the downhills, it's like a giant pair of snowblades!

Matt Lefort, Moonlight Brand Manager