The Butterfly Carbon

All Mountain Carbon ski for the ladies.

This is our normal version of the Butterfly ski. It is superlight for its size compared to all competitors.

The ski is designed around the LL rocker system that gives you superb float in soft snow and still lots of edge contact in firm snow. This makes the skis stable and calm in firmer snow conditions and fun and playful in softer snow.

Because of great geometry and low weight the skis are very fast from edge to edge and they are super fun in open terrain and in the woods.

All testers praise the Butterfly as a super good all round ski. The Butterfly is the same ski as the All Mountain – but the flex is softer making it better for lighter weight skiers.

Length Dimensions Weight Turn radius
179 132-106-121 1370 grams 26 meters
169 129-103-118 1260 grams 26 meters
159 126-100-115 1160 grams 26 meters


  1. Solid top sheet with graphics that arecollected from real images taken by the best nature photographers in Norway

  2. Special core developed by moonlight with different types of hybrid setups. They all include the super Nano dampers in our unique foam.

  3. 1.8 mm steel edges

  4. 1.2 mm graphite race base

  5. Bamboo for added strength and nice look.

  6. Special carbon used for maximum performance and weight


LL Rocker

Moonlight has created the LL rocker system to give you a long low rocker that still lets you have a really long edge contact towards the snow.

The skis float like a dream with this system, but still hold their edge in all snow conditions


All Moonlight skis have a low camber profile.

This is done to ensure max contact with the snow for lighter skiers as well.

Our skis are medium stiff in the flex pattern and has a really nice return boost from the flex in the skis.


All our skis are tested up towards 100 km/t an hour to ensure that they perform like they are meant to do.

This is done to check that the tip and tail keep calm and stay stable. 






All Moutain


The image on the ski is taken by Jan R Olsen.

He is a professional photografer that lives in the North of Troms.

The image is paired with butterflies to give it an extra nice look and expression.


  • When you buy your skis from Moonlight you get a pair of skis with a special picked stone grinding structure. This we do to make sure that you get a ski that gives you the best glide possible. All our skis have a special grinding structure handpicked for just that ski. 

  • If you ski in different snow we suggest you to deliver the ski to a professional ski shop and let them give your skis a new structure in the sole that is optimal for your area and your snow conditions. 

  • The Butterfly ski has a stone grinding structure that is perfectly suited for normal dry snow. This snow is typically found during snowfalls and in the weeks after. This is also the snow you will have the most fun in with good glide. The Butterfly is a ski for the person that loves to tour for the good fresh snow. The ski will of course glide very well in all types of dry snow but specially in fresh snow. For wet snow condition we would recommend that you grind the ski with a wet snow specific grind.