Bright As Day 5000

The Headlamp that does it all.

This is the headlamp that works for every purpose.

It is just small enough to work for running, but yet massive enough to light up every inch of the trail you have in front of you.

When you are going downhill fast. Then it is absolutely fantastic to be able to run It at full power and just give it all you got, even if it is dark outside.

Running, walking, biking, downhill biking, ski mountaineering. You name it – this lamp can do it.

The combination of real lumen, the low weight and the price puts this lamp ahead of every other lamp within the real super strong Lamps that you find out there. The spread of the light is fantastic and can best be described as being all over the chosen path in front of you


Spread (°)


Weight (gr)


Lumens (lm)



The BAD 5000 has active cooling. This means that it has a built in shock proof fan that cool down the lamp head.

If you do not have some extra cooling it is extremely difficult to be able to deliver real 5000 lumen. Most passive cooled lamps struggle to deliver 3000 real lumen if they do not get extra wind cooling.


Each of the lenses on the BAD 5000 has its own focus degree. This is done to make it able to give a long nice beam, but most important to light up everything that is in front of you in a wide nice pattern. The reason for this is that when you start to gain speed your eyes need to see what happens to the side of you.

If not, your brain will not be able to assess the speed correct and you could end up in a dangerous situation. The lamp is specially constructed to help you get enough side vision so you safely can speed up.


The lamps are tested in all conditions from – 30 degrees Celsius to 25 degrees heat to make sure they will perform every single time.

On max power the battery last for around 1 hour and 30 minutes. At 50% the time doubles and at 25% it doubles once more.

This gives you 3 and 6 hours of really good light.

And at 25% you have more light than most normal bike lights can emit at 100% power. When do you need this amount of light?

When you are going downhill fast. Then it is absolutely fantastic to be able to run I at full power and just give it all you got, even if it is dark outside. 

  • Light source 7×CREE XM-L
  • Led Lifespan 50 000 hours
  • Shell material 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy
  • Surface treatment Type III hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
  • Big switch button Easy to operate with gloves
  • Battery 4×18650 Li-ion batteries (16.8V 6400 mAh)
  • Battery life 500 charge cycles
  • Runtime 1.5 hours @ 100% brightness
  • Charging time 3.5 hours


All our lamps uses batteries with cells fromPanasonic to ensure the highest performanceand safety


When you buy a BAD lamp there will always be headband with silicon treads on the inside to make it stick extra good.

In the box you will always find Charger, 1 meter extra cable, glue patches, batteries and the lamp head. The only thing that does not follow your box is the helmet mount.